"More PDF means more trees" - Thomas Zellmann of the PDFA

In a time where Sustainability and "going green" is more important than ever, we are delighted to finally be 100% PDF based with any GA1 certification that is provided with our products. 

As part of our 5 year Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, from October 2023 we will finally be 100% online based with our GA1 certificates which can be accessed on our GA1 Certificates Portal where the customer can access their GA1 certificates in PDF Format easily.

We've come a long way from the outdated printing, laminating and then posting the GA1 certificate to the client (think of the carbon footprint) but like many things it just takes time and not providing Printed GA1 certs physically with the items purchased is a huge step forward.

"Paper manufacturing is the 3rd largest user of fossil fuels worldwide" - jeyjoo.com

We have been using our CoreRfid Cert Portal since 2018 but it has taken time for clients to realise the benefit of having a system that allows them to keep all their GA1 certs in a PDF format, safely in one place which can be easily accessed 24/7 vs printing out a physical copy of such certificate and storing it manually themselves. Also the PDF GA1 cert system features an Asset Register Database for the customer which is great for keeping track of the customers Plant & Assets that are inspected or due for inspection. 

As noted by Thomas Zellmann of the PDFA - "Every single PDF that is saved or delivered instead of a printout is a small step toward improving the climate footprint"

Many customers have told us that they access the certificates online, then print the PDF's and store them in their offices. There is no legal requirement for the customer to physically print the GA1 Certificate and its common practice for a Health and Safety officer to be sent PDF's of the Certificates so we would like our customers where possible to join us in "Thinking before you print" when it comes to these documents.

Sources: https://pdfa.org/how-pdf-contributes-to-greater-sustainability/

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Sustainability & corporate social responsibility

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