Protekt 2.0Mtr Fall Arrest Lanyard with Energy Absorber (ABM)

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This has an Energy Absorber to cushion any potential fall. Commonly used on Roofs, Scaffolding etc where there is a risk of dangerous slips or falls. 

This 2.0Mtr Energy Absorbing Lanyard comes with option to select:

  1. Carabiner (AZ011) on one end and Snap Hook on the other end OR
  2. Carabiner (AZ011) Screwgate both ends

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  • Polyester Material 10.5mm Diameter - 2.0Mtr lanyard
  • Protection up to 140kg weight
  • Permitted to work in potentially explosive areas.
  • Polyamide Webbing Energy Absorber (ABM)
  • Galvanized Steel Carabiner(s) AZ011 with 18mm gate opening 
  • Galvanized Steel Snap Hook with 50mm opening

Year of Manufacture: Varies - As per manufacturers (Protekt) guidelines this product can be used for 5 years, counting from the date of putting the device into operation (first use). As per Irish Health & Safety regulations the product must be inspected every 6 months and a 6 month GA1 certificate is provided on the date of sale to the customer. After 5 years of use, the product must be withdrawn from use.

NB: As per section 11.3 of the HSA's Code of practice for safety in roofwork publication, "There must be an effective system in place to rescue anyone whose fall has been arrested by the fall arrest system. This will include a safe system of work to retrieve the casualty as soon as possible to prevent injury from suspension trauma".

High Quality, European Product with CE Mark 


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