Grade 100 De-Centered Swivel Lifting Point - Metric Thread

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The Kleinsorge WK De-Centered Lifting Point is the ideal solution for lifting applications where space is limited.

This Lifting Point excels in tight, narrow spaces due to its flexibility to rotates 360° and pivot 90°.

There is a spring fitted to keep the lifting link in place for ease when hooking to it particularly if space is limited. Ideal for Angular lifts and Tilting under load, this Lifting Point always swivels out to the side away from the load. When not in use, the Link can be laid flat and stowed away from the load.

Ideally used in pairs as this is a "De-centered" lifting point which simply means it lifts "off center".

Quick easy assembly/installation as all that's needed is a tapped hole. 

*When properly torqued the Link/Bracket should spin independent of the Bolt.

*Please read the User Manual/Product Data Instruction Sheet here before use

Manufactured in Germany - Certified according to DIN EN 1677-1

A High Quality, European Product that conforms to EN regulations DIN EN 1677-1
Material: High-strength tempered steel

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