Gunnebo Rotating Lifting Point - RLP 360° D-ring

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The Gunnebo Industries lifting point range provide a solution for every lifting and rigging operation, enabling improved operational efficiency.  Safety is our highest priority, therefore has each sold RLP been proof loaded 2.5 times the WLL.

The Rotating Lifting Point (RLP) has been in Gunnebo Industries’ range for many years and was improved with higher working load limits and a new design in 2015.

The forged RLP bow rotates 360° and pivots 180°, making it strong, flexible and reliable.

The RLP has an open D-ring to enable assembly of roundslings, master links or hooks directly to the lifting point.

To disassemble the RLP is easy - fold the D-ring forward and push down to de-attach it from the housing. This makes it possible to inspect all parts as well as replacing the bolt with a long bolt version if needed. The hexagon bolt (RFID prepared) makes it easy to mount and dismount the RLP.

User Guide/Instructions can be found here

Applications where the RLP is perfectly suited:

  1. Tilting under load: Tilting occurs in many lifts from raising wall sections to turning tools. The RLP is designed for easy and smooth tilting in any operation.
  2. Single and Multiple part lift: When lifting with multiple parts the RLP will always be positioned correctly thanks to the tilting and rotating function. The RLP is also ideal for single part lift as the WLL is significantly higher when lifting vertically.
  3. Integrated combination: The unique open solution of the RLP allows extreme flexibility. By opening the RLP you can easily fit it directly to the thimble of wire rope sling, a roundsling, a master link or any other type of eye fitting (clamp, hook, etc.). Once the bolt is tightened the RLP is secured with no risk of accidently opening.

Example of typical applications:

• Assembly of wind mill tower sections.

• Handling molds in injection molding plant.

• Spreader beam assemblies

• Lifting water pump for inspection in deep well pumping station.


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