Permanent Anchor Point AT150

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Anchor point AT150 is an anchor device designed for protection of one person.

Anchor point AT 150 may be used only as personal protective equipment which protects a user against a fall from a height, and cannot be used for lifting loads.


Material aluminium alloy
Dimensions 62 x 135 x 2,8 mm
Weight 0,30 kg
Static strength Min. 12 kN (in any direction)

The maximum load that could be transmitted in service from the device to the static construction - 9 kN.

This is the actual force which the anchor point transfers onto the structure to which it is attached when a fall occurs.

If the device is used as a part of a fall arrest system, the user must be equipped with an element limiting maximum dynamic forces applied on user while arresting a fall to max. 6 kN.


High Quality, European Product Conforming to EN 795:2012 type A

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