Rotating Lifting Point - Swivel Eye Bolt w/Ball Bearing

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Ball Bearing Swivel 360degrees while under load Lifting Point

GA1 Certificate will be provided with the product.

Product Features:

  • High Resistant
  • Unique ID Mark/Serial Number
  • Versatile (suits most applications)
  • Load can be rotated during lift due to Ball Bearing
  • Distance between load & ring helps prevent damage to the load

Precast Compatible:

  • Can be used in precast products using a Cast-In insert

All our Grade 80 Swivel Eye Bolts are CE Approved, High Quality H96 Stamped European Products certified to DIN EN 1677-1 by German Manufacturer - Kleinsorge WK®

Material: High tensile alloyed steel

Colour: Red 

Sizes x Thread length (Capacity SWL): Important for sizing*: note in diagram below the SWL @ 0° (zero) Degrees (Straight Lift) compared to 90° Degrees (From the side Lift)

M8 x 22mm length Thread (0.60T at / 0.30T at 90°)

M10 x 18mm length Thread (0.60T at  / 0.30T at 90°)

M12 x 25mm length Thread (1.0T at / 0.5T at 90°)

M16 x 30mm length Thread (2.2T at / 1.12T at 90°)

M20 x 30mm length Thread (4.0T at / 2.0T at 90°)

M24 x 30mm length Thread (6.3T at / 3.15T at 90°)

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